Medical device market segments examined by MEDITEX researchers

1. Diagnosis

1.1.    Medical devices for laboratory diagnostics (in vitro diagnostics)
1.1.1. Laboratory equipment
1.1.2. Equipment for biochemical research 
1.1.3. Equipment for hematology research 
1.1.4. Equipment for immunological studies 
1.1.5. Equipment for microbiological research 
1.1.6. Equipment for molecular biological studies 
1.1.7. Equipment for morphological studies 
1.1.8. Laboratory analyzers of combined type, multi-functional laboratory facilities 
1.1.9. Accessories for medical laboratories (including single use) 
1.1.10 Laboratory reagents 

1.2.    Medical devices for functional diagnostics (FD)
1.2.1. Equipment for FD and functions monitoring of cardiovascular system 
1.2.2. Equipment for FD of nervous and muscular systems
1.2.3. Equipment for FD of external respiration 
1.2.4. Diagnostic devices and devices for auscultation, percussion, anthropometry 
1.2.5. Devices for FD of gastrointestinal tract motility 
1.2.6. Multifunctional hardware and software complexes for FD 
1.2.7. Other diagnostic devices 

1.3.    Medical devices for radiation (topical) diagnostics 
1.3.1. Devices and apparatuses for ultrasound studies 
1.3.2. Equipment for diagnostic radiology 
1.3.3. Equipment for radioisotope (radionuclide) diagnostics 
1.3.4. Equipment for magnetic resonance research methods 

1.4.    Special diagnostic equipment 
1.4.1. Equipment for ophthalmodiagnostics 
1.4.2. Diagnostic equipment for otorhinolaryngology 
1.4.3. Diagnostic equipment for urology 
1.4.4. Diagnostic equipment for obstetrics and gynecology 
1.4.5. Diagnostic equipment for dentistry 

1.5.    Endoscopic diagnostic and treatment equipment 
1.5.1. Endoscopes 
1.5.2. Instruments and accessories for endoscopy 

2. Treatment

2.1.    Medical instruments 
2.1.1. General surgical instruments (including neuro - and microsurgery) 
2.1.2. Instruments for obstetrics and gynecology 
2.1.3. Instruments for ophthalmology 
2.1.4. Instruments for otorhinolaryngology 
2.1.4. Instruments for urology 
2.1.5. Instruments for traumatology and orthopedics 
2.1.6. Instruments for dentistry and maxillofacial surgery 
2.1.7. Instruments and accessories for injections and blood sampling 
2.1.8. Other medical instruments 

2.2.    Medical devices for surgery 
2.2.1. Surgical equipment 
2.2.2. Surgical supplies 

2.3.    Medical devices for intensive care and emergency assistance 
2.3.1. Resuscitation equipment 
2.3.2. Accessories and expendable materials for intensive care and emergency assistance 

2.4.    Equipment for therapy 
2.4.1. Physiotherapy equipment 
2.4.2. Equipment for hemosorption, hemodialysis, and plasmapheresis
2.4.3. Equipment for radiation therapy 
2.4.4. Special therapeutic equipment 
2.4.5. Dental therapeutic equipment 

2.5.    Medical devices for orthopedics and traumatology 
2.5.1. Orthopedic equipment 
2.5.2. Consumables for orthopedics 

3. Substitution of organs and tissues 

3.1.    Artificial organs and tissues
3.1.1. Endoprostheses and implants 
3.1.2. External prostheses and devices for replacement / correction of organ functions 

3.2.    Equipment for the manufacture and installation of prostheses / implants
3.2.1. Kits and devices for the implant installation 
3.2.2. Equipment for the manufacture and installation of external prostheses and correction facilities 

4. Medical devices for rehabilitation 

4.1.    Equipment for general use 
4.1.1. Instruments and devices for general use 
4.1.2. General use supporting instruments and consumables 
4.1.3. Medical clothes and linen, protection facilities and hygiene 

4.2.    Special purpose facilities
4.2.1. Equipment for blood service 
4.2.2. Equipment for producing water for medical purposes 
4.2.3. Equipment for sterilizing, disinfecting and disposal of medical waste 
4.2.4. Equipment for medical morgue 
4.2.5. Medical furniture 
4.2.6. Medical devices quality control instrumentation 
4.2.7. Software and automation equipment for health care institutions 
4.2.8  Medical transport and mobile medical complexes 
4.2.9. Medical device kits (medical and paramedical for special purpose)

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