Medical device marketing consulting

MEDITEX company has extensive experience in medical devices marketing research for both domestic and foreign companies. Our portfolio includes over 50 successfull projects. 

We offer qualitative and quantitative marketing research for specific client requests (Ad Hoc), and also independent monitoring of medical device market. Research includes development of methodology and segmentation by type of products and brands. 

Marketing consulting is an indispensable tool in addressing a wide range of tasks:

  • formation of the marketing strategy;
  • positioning and differentiation of company and product;
  • development and control of marketing plan;
  • formation and development of marketing communications; 
  • pricing strategy preparation; 
  • potential distribution channels search; 
  • evaluation of potential partners reliability.

Medical device market segments available for research.

The most demanded services of our company in the field of marketing consulting:

- SWOT analysis is a structured study of the problem, which allows to identify the causes of effective or ineffective work of the company in the market. SWOT analysis is a concise analysis of marketing information, following which a decision is made on the direction the company should adhere to and resources to be allocated. 

The result of SWOT analysis is the development of a marketing strategy or hypotheses for further verification. The classic SWOT analysis involves determining the strengths and weaknesses of the company, potential external threats, opportunities and their evaluation with regard to the strategically important competitors.

- PEST analysis presents research of macroenvironment of the enterprise - political, economic, social and technological factors affecting the company. The technique of PEST analysis is often used to assess key market trends in the industry, and the results can be used to determine the list of threats and opportunities in the preparation of the SWOT analysis of the company.  

PEST analysis is a tool for long-term strategic planning and is written for 3-5 years, with annual updates of data.

- Search of suppliers and distributors - matching of reliable and trusted business partners.

- Analytical note - visualization, problem formulation, and the formulation of conclusions.

- Market analysis of a certain type of medical devices - includes the analysis of import/export data, public procurement, determination of market total volume, the most significant competitors, with subsequent deep analysis of the current situation, development of recommendations and the prediction of the expected dynamics for this market.

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