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May 19, 2015


April 27, 2015


April 16, 2015

RIA AMI: New trends in public procurement are use efficiency evaluation and shift from purchase price to the total cost of the ownship

April 16, 2015

PHARMACEVTICHESKY VESTNIK: Medical device manufacturers go behind regulators

March 03, 2015


March 02, 2015

HI MED: Fluctuations dynamics of Russian medical device market

February 19, 2015

RIA AMI: To get rid of stereotypes in matters of domestic equipment selection (Ivan Bortnik)

February 17, 2015

KOMMERSANT: Foreign syringes and tweezers can leave Russian market

February 16, 2015

MEDITSINSKY VESTNIK: Medical device market recovery expected in 2017-2018

February 11, 2015

RIA AMI: NTC MEDITEX summed up medical device market development in the past year

February 10, 2015

REMEDIUM: NTC MEDITEX summed up medical device market development in 2014

February 09, 2015

VADEMECUM: Scarlet sails

February 05, 2015

EXPERT: Russian medical device market is expected to decline

February 05, 2015

VEDOMOSTI: Clinics rushed for devices

January 22, 2015

ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA: to get off the needle

January 20, 2015

KOMMERSANT: Ministry of Health is to adjust implant prices

December 30, 2014

MEDITSINSKY VESTNIK: Outgoing year was difficult for medical device market (Andrey Vilensky)

December 03, 2014

REMEDIUM: Dressings. Decline continues.

November 24, 2014

RIA AMI: Medical device production localization prospects lin Russia

November 21, 2014

RIA AMI: Additional steps are to be taken for Russian pharmaceuticals product launch (Sergey Dobriy)

November 20, 2014

PHARMACEVTICHESKY VESTNIK: All new medical device manufacturers will get unprecedented support since 2015 (Ministry of industry and trade)

November 14, 2014

KOMMERSANT: Fluoroscopy

November 06, 2014

REMEDIUM: World market of in vitro diagnostics devices - Russia is somewhere in the middle

November 05, 2014

KONTRAKTNYE OTNOSHENIYA: Russian medcal industry - key trends and legislative initiatives

October 15, 2014

RIA AMI: Market is undergoing systemiс transformation

October 14, 2014

KOMMERSANT: Clinic of import substitution

October 13, 2014

MEDITSINSKY VESTNIK: State support should be mediated

October 09, 2014

BIZNES-JURNAL: Hang on own crutch

October 06, 2014

VADEMECUM: Solidarity

October 02, 2014

DUBNA TV: Report from the all-Russian conference on the principles and mechanisms of national innovative system formation

September 29, 2014

REMEDIUM: Medical device market - results of 2013 (Vilensky, Dekhanova)

September 29, 2014

REMEDIUM: Medical device production localization in Russia - what is expected? (Vilensky, Khrustalev, Dekhanova)

September 10, 2014

RIA AMI: Russian medical device market - from quantity to quality

September 01, 2014

MEDITSINSKIYE IZDELIYA: Medical device import substitution - economic and legal aspects

August 26, 2014

ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA: Tomograph without an accent

August 21, 2014

ROSSIYSKAYA GAZETA: Only enemas left

August 18, 2014

VEDOMOSTI: Russia is again ready for sanctions

August 11, 2014

VADEMECUM: Pining away with idleness

July 30, 2014

VEDOMOSTI: Ministry of industry and trade decided not to ban state purchases of imported tomographs

July 16, 2014

FAROS+: Russian market of x-ray equipment in 2013

July 11, 2014

VEDOMOSTI: Russian medical device market (from tomographs to bandgages) declined for the first time since 2009

July 07, 2014

MEDITSINSKY VESTNIK: Debut in the future

June 23, 2014

EXPERT - URAL: Health care is helpless

June 16, 2014

VADEMECUM: Missions are impossible

June 10, 2014

VEDOMOSTI: One third of Russians are ready to give up wages for friendship

June 02, 2014

RIA AMI: New registration rules caused lots of problems

April 22, 2014

OBSHESTVENNOYE TELEVIDENYE: Russia's ban on medical device procurement  - what are the consequences?

April 04, 2014

RIA AMI: Personnel determine everything

April 02, 2014

INTERFAX: NP Dubna is to join forces with Moscow analytical company for medical device market development

April 01, 2014

MOSKVA 24: What would be the result for medical equipment ban for Russia

December 12, 2013

RIA AMI: Russian medical device market is very unpredictible (Andrey Vilensky)

August 30, 2013

RIA AMI: It's important to determine the reasons for localization for govenment and business (Andrey Vilensky)

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